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Interactive sound performance taking place at Galerie im Körnerpark on September 8th 2022
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With this performance I would like to make audible and thus conscious the matrix of artificially generated electromagnetic radiation that surrounds and permeates us around the clock by means of special microphones that convert it into acoustic signals.

Human intervention in the biosphere is also enormous in this realm. The hunger for ever more bandwidth and reach for manifold digital applications is prompting more and more countries to deploy tens of thousands of satellites into the ionosphere to provide worldwide and even much faster Internet access.

But not only our everyday used devices like smartphones and laptops communicate via electromagnetic frequencies, also all biological beings on this planet, the flora and fauna including us humans, use electromagnetic signals to communicate intracellularly.

This natural communication can be sensitively disturbed by the artificially generated radiation.
This fact as well as the occupation with my own electrosensitivity gave me the impulse to address this topic more deeply.

In the performance, I juxtapose the artificial electromagnetic sounds with the analog organic soundscape of the vegetation in Körnerpark. Using special microphones that can pick up vibrations in the soil and on the plant itself, I created a kind of sound map of the vegetation specific to Körner Park. On the basis of this sound archive, I worked out a composition that introduces the performance as an organic subsurface.
Little by little, various electronic devices, such as my laptop and later the smartphones of the visitors, feed in strange technoid sounds, which are converted from the emitted electromagnetic frequencies into acoustic signals by means of the above-mentioned microphones and in the course of time develop into a rugged urban beat...

We are all part of our digital infrastructure, it seems almost impossible to simply opt out, without the tendency to hermitism. Nevertheless, with this project I want to create some awareness in a sensual way for the invisible currency we surround ourselves with every day.

Fotos: Piotr Pietrus


Funded by the Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien

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