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from 2021 on


immersive multimedia installation

about 2,5 × 8 × 8 m

large-scale prints on

textile and aluminium,
wood, paint, lacquer,
3D stereo glasses

(red/cyan), speakers,

media player, discmans, headphones,

self-created perfume, fan

watch video documentation



Part of the exhibition FuturePerfectLand at MONOPOL Berlin 2021

curated by CCPA - Curatorial Collective for Public Art, funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin

created with open-source imagery by NASA

created in co-operation with Fabian Remmert and Georg Scherlin

Eventually and irreversibly, we will have been using up the Earth’s resources. Our passivity towards the preservation of our own planet will have led us to try and settle on another one instead. Overwhelmed by the fascination of setting foot in a new world, we will have embarked on a mission to Mars, with the presumptuous yet futile ambition of colonizing this extremely uninhabitable planet to serve our own needs of survival. 

- Lianne Mol

Please use red/blue 3D glasses + headphones !

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